Data Scientist

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As a Senior Data scientist , you’ll be responsible for creating and implementing various models on unique big datasets, developing the algorithm all the way from an idea to a working piece of code in production. The algorithms may be related to predictive modelling, classifications and ship behavioral patterns.
Throughout this fun journey you’ll also learn a thing or two and improve your technical skills (working with NoSql DBs, Apache Spark, building services to your ML products, etc.) and ML knowledge (working with unbalanced data, risk modeling, explaining black-box models and much more).
Your work will generate significant impact in the maritime insurance and intelligence domains. In short, we are looking for a brilliant problem solver with a passion for data to join a fast paced company who is changing the maritime world.
What will you do?
  • You’ll be working on a distributed research cluster to create features and insights from large volumes of noisy data from different sources; choose an algorithmic approach to solve the problem at hand and define success metrics to measure algorithm performance.
  • You’ll be expected to research and understand the context of different maritime phenomenon and propose a data-based solution which addresses a business need.
  • You’ll be required to work independently but you’ll be surrounded by a strong and experienced team of data scientists who will be willing to help (and learn from you).
  • You’ll be communicating with product managers to understand needs and outline solutions. 

  • M.Sc. or Ph.D. in Computer Science / Mathematics / Physics
  • 4+ years of experience as a Data Scientist the industry
  • Extensive experience with statistics/analytics tools such as Python/R
  • Extensive experience in development of machine learning solutions in the industry.
  • Ability to independently tackle a new problem starting from the research phase through design and implementation.
  • Experience in working with big data.
  • Ability to write production-level code.
  • Python/Jupyter/Sci-kit experience
  • Startup experience.
  • Developing Geospatial algorithms.
  • Experience in Deep Learning (TCN networks)
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מינימום תואר שני במדעי המחשב (במידה והתואר הראשון הוא במדעי המחשב והתואר השני מגיע מתחום דומה גם אפשרי).
נסיון בפייתון -חובה.
נסיון ב-Machine Learning- חובה.
ניסיון בסביבת Big Data.
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