Crew Manager מנהל/ת מחלקת צוותי-ים בחברה בינלאומית

אמסטרדם - XT

The crew manager is responsible to oversee the crewing activities of the company.  Design, develop and implement the long term crewing strategy for the company in the most cost effective and time efficient manner., supervise the crew department and manage all crew needs in order to meet company target and goals. Operate in a multi-national environment. The position is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

מדובר ברילוקיישן לתפקיד ניהולי בחברת ספנות בינ"ל היושבת באמסטרדם.במסגרת התפקיד: עבודה בסביבה דינמית ורב תרבותית, נסיעות בעולם
מנהל/ת מחלקת צוות ים- בעל/ת מוטיבציה שרוצה להוכיח עצמו/ה בתפקיד ניהולי בעל אחריות מהותית בחברה בין לאומית.
התפקיד כולל ניהול מחלקת כוח אדם ימי -
· המחלקה מורכבת מ 6-8 עובדים , ב 2-3 משרדים בעולם
· המחלקה אחראית על כל הכוח אדם הימי של החברה (1000+ אנשי צוות)
· התפקיד כולל נסיעות למשרדים / סוכנים בעולם

(המשרה מיועדת לנשים וגברים) ** מבחינת תנאי רילוקיישן, פחות מתאים למשפחות
Qualifications and general attributes
Bachelor’s degree
Good computer skills
Marine background is an advantage
Strong communication skills
Ability to work in a multicultural environment
Willing to work long hours as and when required and be  available 24/7.
  • Possess strong management skills.
  • Organized and detail-minded.
  • Able to work independently and as a team player with initiative and integrity.
דרישות התפקיד:
· תואר אקדמי כלשהו
· ניסיון בניהול אופרציה- יתרון
· אנגלית - ברמה גבוהה
· זמינות מלאה (ניהול אופרציה הפועלת 365 יום בשנה)
ובנוסף חשוב-
· מוטיבציה גבוהה, "רעב" לתפקיד
· "ראש גדול" וסקרנות בסיסית
· בעל/ת יחסי אנוש מעולים וגישה חיובית
· מאורגנ/ת ומסודר/ת, יכולת ירידה לפרטים
· מסור/ה ואחראי/ת
ניסיון גלובאלי ותנאים מעולים למתאימים
Responsibilities & Duties
Responsible for the crew department to ensure the vessels are manned with suitably qualified, competent and trained personnel on a cost effective basis.
Run the day to day crewing activities, ensuring efficient and safe operations, in compliance with local and international legislation.
Responsible for the company’s overseas Manning Offices and outsourced Manning Offices, to ensure smooth and efficient recruitment, operation and retention of all sea staff for the Company’s managed vessels.
Develop comprehensive HR policies and responsible for their execution by crew department and Manning offices.
Responsible for maintaining high crew retention and reviewing the crew welfare against the competitors’ offers and the market climate.
Appointing Travel agents and ensure cost effective travel and perform routine audits as per company policy.
Negotiations with unions and labor federations. 
Working together with top management to develop strategies for the long term sea staff fleet expansion and projection.
Systematically monitors the effectiveness of verification and inspection activities within the department and across the fleet.
Ensure the crew department personnel are familiar with all processes, procedures and policies of the company.
 initiate policies and procedures for crew on board in order to meet the needs and expectations of the crew.
Approve the monthly salaries and ensure it will be transferred in time, as per the company procedures.
Keep in close contact with the Technical, QA and Operational departments.
Ensure all vessels are in compliance with the relevant international laws and company. policies. Inform the management in case of an expiry dates or changes.
Approve monthly disbursement accounts (DA) and monthly payrolls of all vessels.
Manage all expenses and budgets related to the crewing activity of the company.
Inform new senior officers during their visit about work flow, company policies and procedures.
Monitor crew performance and evaluations.
Manage training programs and develop tailor made courses to increase crew’s knowledge and performances.
Ensure that vessels meet the Matrix criteria for different oil majors.
Manage long term career program for all seagoing employees.
Member of company emergency team.
Represent crew aspects in all company official meetings.
Work together with other departments to improve the safety culture throughout the fleet in order to achieve the company HSSE objectives of zero accidents/incidents.
Substituted by – Crew Deputy
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