Lab Technician - באסדה בים

ים התיכון, ישראל - Chemist

                                    Working Conditions - Working offshore on a 14/14 rotation schedule
                                                                                                              :Main tasks - Chemist

  • Work under the supervision of a supervising Technical Service Representative (TSR) and Laboratory Technician.
  • Work independently in accordance with procedures after receiving appropriate task specific training.
  •  Work safely in accordance with companies’ safety procedures and practices.
  •  Maintain good housekeeping at work site.
  •  Capable of collecting routine samples under the guidance of the supervising Technical Service Representative (TSR) and Laboratory Technician.
  •  Capable of maintaining a basic laboratory data management system.
  •  Work closely with company and other contract operations personnel when maintenance services are being carried out.
  •  Be completely familiar with Work Permit System before starting on any work.
  •  Responsible for the proper use and care of tools and equipment.
  •  Understands the importance of calibration, verification and repeatability tests.
  •  Identify problems and issues with samples equipment and test results.
  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering or a relevant trade certificate/diploma from an accredited university or local equivalent in physical sciences, chemical engineering, chemistry or a certified laboratory technician.
  • 1-3 years of field experience  - an advantage
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